Factory Installed Vehicle Electronic Anti-Theft Systems- Ineffective!

As consumers it is my opinion we have been defrauded. All of us, whoever has bought a vehicle with an anti-theft system installed in the vehicle from the factory. They are not effective in most cases!

We have been told as to how sophisticated electronic security is. It was a big lie! These systems offer little to no protection against a professional thief! However, with the vehicle being protected as such, we fall prey to overzealous insurance investigators in an effort to deny a theft claim. Why? Because many are taught these vehicles are “unstealable.” Some are more difficult than others, but many currently employed from diferent popular makes and models are anything but secure!

Dealers will tell you how secure their system is, but they have a vested interest in selling or servicing the vehicle. When not using a so-called certified forensic locksmith for answers, insurance companes and engineers do like the average person and go to the dealers for information about their anti theft system and or components. The truth of the matter is dealers may represent the manufacturer for the vehicle in question, but they can only give you answers that the manufacturers supply.

Case in point: The Los Angeles case Greines v Ford. The expert engineer designed the Securilock (PATS) with emphasis on preventing hot wiring, even though tha method of theft was no longer applied after 1968 when locking steering columns were employed. The forced rotation of the ignition lock, and breaking the ignition out of the housing was considered. When totally designed, the engineer had enough confidence to state if the vehicle was equipped with the transponder anti theft system, it was virtually impossible to steal the vehicle.

Of course he did not figure on a mere mechanic that repaired theft recovered vehicles for 20 years, who did not have the academic degrees he held was capable of making him look totally stupid! Manufacturers try to keep technicians dumbed down and do not tell them about any potentential issues, if even the engineers are even aware of them. In this case, I studied the Ford wiring schematic from a Ford service manual for the vehicle in question. I spotted a potential issue with a relay for the transponder under the hood. Ford was so caring, that the circuit could not be back fed and burn up anything by insalling a diode which allowed electricity to flow one way.  Since the system was controlled with a standard Bosche relay, I knew I could circumvent the system by crossing terminal #30 and terminal# 87. In essence “Hot wiring” the system. I tried my theory out on three vehicles at a junk yard. It worked. I wet to LA and did the same on the client’s attorney supplied vehicle. It also worked. I supplied to three peers in different locations across the US. My bypass worked on every Ford built vehicle tested! I wasn’t an expert on Securilock. I was an expert at defeating that generation of Securilock! I am a true expert in auto theft and just apply my skills for court.

Yet, my bypass method was never addressed as a diagnostic issue in the manual and I found it srange that it wasn’t. Not the bypass, but the issues associated with the relay and subsequent wiring.

The auto makers are giving the consumer a false sense of security and in my opinion these vehicles equipped with electronic security are extremely easy to steal by anyone that has access to the Internet!

Look at the fools at Chrysler–Two teenage kids just playing around, not really realizing the crime implications, hacked into the entertainment systems cause 1.4 million Chryslers to be recalled. It wasn’t just Chrysler, GM also had issues with their wifi. Remember the saying that locks were meant for honest people? Well, that saying applies to electronic security too!

The insurance company employs vendors that may call themselves forensic locksmiths, engineers, forensic mechanics whatever. Most are not up to date with common methods of theft.

The edge that these so-called experts have had is that most are fortunate enough not to oppose our team. In order to steal many of these vehicles does not require a sophisticated amount of electronic knowledge and the only knowledge required is to where to get the equipment to circumvent the security of these so called anti-theft systems.

It has been my disappointment that the experts I have opposed that had inferred the insured’s key was the last one used, as to just how little they know about the subject. Or in the case of going against an active locksmith that serves insurance companies the dishonesty he applies to favor his client!

The Process of Investigation

Once the insured submits a recorded statement, the claims rep will refer to the (Special Investigations Unit). The SIU will assign the vehicle to be examined by one of the experts referred to previously on the vendor list. Since many don’t have a clue as to how these vehicles can be stolen, they rely on the factory theory of the description and operation of the transponder as found in a service manual. Other experts rely on information supplied by the dealer. The problem is that the dealer is merely a middle man for keys and locks, because the conventional key as we know it is made by a sub contactor and so are the locks. The manufacturer of Ford, Chrysler and GM did not make key and locks!

Then we have the elaborate electronic key fobik like in Chrysler products that appear to be highly sophisticated that plug into a socket in the dash for the ignition.

We also have push button start with a perimeter sensing for that is located in your pocket or purse. The door automatically unlocks when you come up to the vehicle with the fob. You press a button and the engine starts.

Bottom line, these experts are examining reported stolen vehicles, implicating the insured was involved, because they have no clue as to the ease of stealing one of these vehicles. The expert will state based on “a reasonable degree of scientific certainty ” the vehicle was last operated with a properly programmed key.

The question then, is how did they arrive to this conclusion which launches a full-scale investigation on the insured for fraud!

When it is stated that the conclusions were based on scientific certainty, what science are they referring to? Did they consider the common methods of theft? Well, if one does not know those methods, they are hard to rule out!

I am going to list some examples, yet it applies across the field. Many of these experts do not even have key programming machines or a laptop with the correct software like many locksmiths do. In other words, assumption and innuendo is replacing fact. Speculation from the expert is treated as fact. It boils down to the expert being incompetent and his professional opinion has no basis, and he is just supplying his own opinion with no basis.

2008 Ford Flex—expert has determined it was last driven with insured’s keys. He lists that the dealer can get the key cut code from a VIN and cut a key. He also states only a dealer can electronically program a key with a 10-minute delay before another key can be made. The problem: All this equipment is available on the Internet for anyone. It is stated this equipment is very expensive denoting a thief would never purchase it.

Here is real life! A thief would probably steal this equipment, but expensive is all relative. If you could buy a key programmer as a thief for under $500 and it not only would make keys for the Ford Flex, but a variety of makes and models, that would be an extremely good deal!

The same goes for cloning a key. Keys can be duplicated electronically in seconds! About that 10-minute time delay behind making a duplicate electronic key on a Ford, the Flex and other Ford models can have that delay bypassed and it only takes a minute to generate a key!


Chrysler Products with their key fobik that takes the place of an ignition key. The time it takes to reprogram a new key fobik is less than a minute and the vehicle is down the road! The skim Module can also be swapped out with some other components quickly! So that $50K you just spent for that new Dodge pickup basically has nothing to protect it!

BMWs-This highly sophisticated EWS system, I have made my own working key for in about 2 minutes!


What is the problem here? The reliance on electronics to protect our vehicles from theft. Computers are obsolete in 6 months, and that period is tightening to 3 months. Yet, the manufacturer relies on electronics from 20 years ago. If you have a GM PKIII, that system first entered the market in 1997 on the Buick Road master and Cadillac Catera. Very few major changes since! One does not even need a key programmer to generate an electronic key on that system!

It takes roughly 3 years from the drawing board to sale of the vehicle. In other words, no matter how secure the system was, when sold new it is obsolete!

In 1997 the manufacturers went to rolling codes for their remote key fobs to lock and unlock doors, 3 years after the aftermarket had that technology. Now, these vehicles are commonly unlocked by a thief and the cops are stumped! They were led to believe this was impossible. In 1997, it was, but we are in an electronic world and the expert needs to know everything possible before rendering an opinion that will make him look foolish in court as it happens to the opposition so often with my intervention!

This is why I am hated in the industry! Experts take it personally when I illustrate they have no idea as to what they are talking about!

I bypassed a 2011 Ford F 150 in a criminal case in Arizona. The expert saw my video and was asked, what about that? Is that possible? His answer was pitiful. “I never saw that before!”

OK, because the prosecutor and expert are incomptent idiots as well as the USAA investigator that interviewed the insured/defendant, why is it that the person has to go through being demoralized in being charged, having to come up with fees to pay for and attorney and an expert to defend him, as well as turning his life upside down?

Had he not had me on his team, the DA would have gotten a conviction!

There are ways in the after market of reading the cuts in a door lock to make a key. A good locksmith can make a standard key just by looking at the photo of the key as can a thief!

There are so many things we address that the insurance experts don’t know or are too dishonest to address them!

Insurance companies, it time you start paying attention to your experts reports in these matters. If you question something, you can always contact us at 1-866-490-1673.

We actively serve insurance companies, plaintiffs, criminal defense throughout the US.

Insurance defense attorneys aren’t going to be able to open with the statement that the vehicle is unstealable, because that argument will be destroyed!


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